What Happens at a Social Security Hearing?

SS HearingHow do I prepare for the hearing? Mr. Hankus will schedule a conference with you the week before the hearing in order to go over all of the information you need to know.
What happens during the hearing? The hearing will begin with the administrative law judge (ALJ) and Mr. Hankus discussing the important facts of your case. The judge will then ask questions about your employment history, the nature and extent of your disabling conditions, your medical treatment, and your typical daily activities. After questions from the judge, Mr. Hankus will then have the opportunity to ask any additional questions he has to supplement or clarify any of the issues in your case.
Who else will be present at the hearing? In addition to you, Mr. Hankus, and the judge, there may be a vocational expert or a medical expert. The vocational or medical expert is available to present testimony in response to questions from the judge and Mr. Hankus. Their testimony will deal with your functional limitations, medical impairments, employment history, and ability to perform particular jobs or types of employment.
When will I hear about the decision? Sometimes the judge will issue a favorable decision during or at the conclusion of your hearing. Usually, however, you will have to wait for a written decision. A copy will be provided to both you and Mr. Hankus, and can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.
What can Mr. Hankus do for you? If you appoint Mr. Hankus to represent you in your social security disability claim, there are a number of things he will do for you. He will gather your medical records and submit them to social security to make sure that all relevant records are considered in your disability claim. He may also ask your doctors for specific reports or disability forms to submit as well. He will summarize your medical records for the judge and will demonstrate how your medical records support a finding of disability.
Mr. Hankus will appear with you at the hearing and make sure that you understand your claim and the process. He will answer any questions the judge might have about the claim and cross-examine the vocational or medical experts on your behalf.
If you have any questions about a pending claim, or if you are simply considering whether to file for social security disability benefits, please feel free to contact Mr. Hankus for your free telephone consultation.

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