How Does Hiring An Attorney Help With My Social Security Case?

Hiring an AttorneyThere are numerous benefits to hiring an experienced attorney to help with your social security case. At the initial application level, our office provides a number of benefits to you.
We help ensure your application is complete. We are able to walk you through the application process, which can be overwhelming for someone who has never done it before.
We update Social Security with changes in your condition. When Social Security has more complete medical records for you, it is more likely to have enough evidence to make a favorable decision.
We submit medical records to support your claim. We are able to help follow up with providers Social Security cannot reach, to make sure Social Security has your complete medical records.
We regularly follow up on your claim. We are able to keep track of your claim and see that Social Security has all of the necessary information to process the case in a timely manner.
Statistics show that those who hire an experienced Social Security Disability attorney are more likely to be awarded benefits. Remember, there is no fee unless benefits are awarded. If you have any questions about whether to apply for benefits or when you should hire a representative, please feel free to contact Mr. Hankus at any time for a free telephone consultation.

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