David Hankus has been the best attorney I had worked with. I was a child on disability that aged out and was cut off. When I reapplied at 18 they denied me. Not knowing what to do, I just let it go until I was 22. When I found Mr. Hankus at 22 after I had been denied benefits again, he took my case and not only did he win, but he got them to back pay until I was 18. What an awesome job! I’m still giving referrals for him today, 10 years later!

Mr. Hankus is a very good disability lawyer, and he helped me get my SSD quick and easy. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good lawyer. I had originally applied and I was denied. And I contacted Mr. Hankus, he reapplied for me, and won my case. Overall he is a 5 star lawyer and I definitely recommend him to others.

Mr. Hankus with his expertise has once again succeeded by winning my disability case.  His exemplary representation surpasses all others.  He is knowledgeable and professional.  A very kind man with genuine compassion for his work and clients. I knew of his reputation and that he was “The Attorney” to hire. His track record speaks volumes in its success rate. I couldn’t be happier with the entirety of my representation!!! I couldn’t be more emphatic in recommending his services to this population. He has exceeded my expectations . I am quite impressed by his knowledge and abilities. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Hankus and his very helpful paralegal Kay. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

After being denied, we contacted a local attorney. He said we would have to do all the the refiling and research of documents and he’d consider the case. My husband saw a TV ad for Attorney Hankus and called. He took over everything and won our case. We couldn’t have done it without him.

After being denied, I contacted David Hankus and he filed my appeal, he collected all the necessary medical records and really just did everything for me….  all I had to do was show up at the hearing, and he won my case for me…. I am very grateful to Mr. Hankus for all he has done and highly recommend him to anyone needing help with social security claims. a good lawyer makes all the difference, and David Hankus is one of the best.

Mr. Hankus was extremely helpful in getting my Social Security disability approved.  I was denied benefits when I applied.  I contacted Mr. Hankus based on a referral of a friend.   He agreed to represent me and handled all the paperwork in filing for an appeal.  He represented me at my hearing and I was successful in getting my benefits thanks to Mr. Hankus.  I was extremely satisfied with the services provided.  He was very professional and I will recommend him to others seeking disability from Social Security.

I was very happy with the service and knowledge I received from Attorney David Hankus and his staff. In fact I received approval the first time I applied. Thank you Mr. Hankus.

I was initially denied Social Security Benefits and actually tried contacting someone else, who referred me to Mr Hankus.   What a blessing that turned out to be.  My first lawyer dropped me real quick, but Mr Hankus reviewed my case and took off running with it.  It may have taken us 4 years (or more) to get through all the appeals, but Mr Hankus stood by me and I had complete trust in him, and we eventually won.  I cannot thank Mr Hankus enough, throughout this whole process he kept me informed and kept my spirits high even though I was giving up hope.  He never lost faith.  I can never thank him enough for what he has done for me.  I will definitely be sending more clients his way!!!!  Thank you SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent Attorney and Rachel to work with!  Awesome service and very nice people.  They worked really hard for me!!!  Thanks to David & Rachel……You both Rock!!

These Lawyers are The Best! I didn’t have to go to see them, it was all done over the phone. Very sensitive to my condition. I was able to get my SSD in 5 months!!! Did see 2 independent DR’s for Social Security. They made sure the DR’s were close to my home. LOVE THEM!!!

I found this group of attorneys very helpful. Their sincere footprints are encouraging.

Contacting David Hankus was the best decision in receiving Social Security benefits! Everyone else gave me the run-around, filling out papers over and over. When finally, I was referred to David Hankus and he did all the work for me! Best of all, I didn’t have to pay anything before he won my case!

I was told about this law office by a co-worker and Rachel was great. Whenever I had a question about my SSD the didn’t hesitate to take my call and answer my questions. It took about 5 and a half months to get my SSD. I did see 2 doctors per SSD request, one about half hour away and one here in my town. These people are great. Everything is done over the phone and if they need to go to court they will come to you. I recommend any of the people in this office for any disability claims.

After being turned down by SS I had heard that David Hankus was the best SSD Attorney. It took 3 appeals but the end result was positive. I can’t thank him enough for his knowledge of the law and his persistence to get to a favorable end in my case.

Thanks to David Hankus, he didn’t give up on my fight for my Disability Benefits. I couldn’t have been in better hands than his. He treated me as a disabled person and my case with respect and dignity. I know without his knowledge and support I could not have succeeded. I will always remember and appreciate his tireless, hard work for me despite my not being able to pay him what he earned and deserved. I didn’t know a lawyer in my life until Mr. Hankus, I was frightened every step of the way. He carried me mentally and physically so to speak on his back through every step while fighting for me with the court system. I will highly recommend him for the rest of my life. Thank you.

I was referred to Mr. Hankus by another satisfied client. She correctly advised me that he was the best. Very professional, courteous staff and prompt responses. After retaining him everything was done for me. All I had to do was show up for my hearing. Mr. Hankus effectively argued my case and I won my three year fight for what I rightfully deserved. I would recommend Mr. Hankus to anyone serious about a favorable outcome.

I am so very thankful for the excellent work that Mr. Hankus had done for me. Very excited and pleased that I won my case with his help. I wouldn’t have won my case without him. If you are looking for a good lawyer I recommend him.

Very professional. My case was handled in a timely manner with great results. I would recommend him to anyone.

I highly recommend Attorney Hankus; he and his staff guided me through the process of filing for disability from the first step to the last. Attorney Hankus and Kay were very helpful in keeping me up to date with the process every step of the way. Everyone was very professional and courteous. If you are filing for disability, this is the team you want to guide you through the process. They know what they are doing and they are honest.

I highly recommend Mr. Hankus and his law firm! The firm guides you thru the whole process. The firm is professional and follow up with you every step of the way with what is going on with your case. They are honest and a delight to work with. I am so impressed with the firms follow up (they get back to you right away about any questions you may have.) Thank You. This firm is a definite winner!

Excellent all the way around! Thank you for being so professional.

Highly recommend! Gratitude and thank you for your time!!!

It is a very long process, however, Kay and Rachel are very patient. David prepared me for the hearing and we won! I would recommend David Hankus and his firm to family and friends.

Thank you for everything your office had done. Finally have my disability approval.

I would highly recommend Mr. Hankus, Kay and Rachel to help you thru this process very helpful and easy to communicate with. Thank You again.

Looking for a Social Security Disability Attorney is a stressful experience. I researched attorneys. I called several of the big names (you know, the ones who advertise twenty-four seven?). All I received from those calls was a headache with a large side of frustration. Finally, when I was at my wits end, I found a review for the Law Offices of David Hankus. “Friendly…compassionate…professional….understanding….” Crossing my fingers I dialed the number.

Rachel Pinch, another attorney at the firm, answered the phone. Her friendly voice, calm spirit and professionalism impressed me. She listened and was very empathetic. Her response was soothing and just what I needed. Following our conversation I didn’t hesitate. I hired her and it was the best decision I ever made.

Negotiating the system takes time and patience. There is no quick fix. The average wait for a court date in Michigan is 12 to 24 months (no matter who you are or who you hire). Therefore, you’ll need someone who will treat you with dignity and respect no matter how many questions you ask. No matter how nervous you become. Or, how impatient you feel.

When we went to court, the judge was impressed with how organized and professional Rachel was. He was quick to note she had everything ready for his review BEFORE the court date (something he stated NEVER happens). Who could ask for better representation than that? Not me! She dotted her i’s and crossed her t’s. Without a doubt her due diligence won me my case. She also won my respect, as well as the judges!

Need I say more? Thanks for all your hard work Rachel! 🙂

I just appreciate Mr. Hankus, this has been a very long hard process for me, but Mr. Hankus helped me and prepared me for my hearing, and we won my disability, i would recommend him to anyone who needs a disability lawyer…

After a very long, hard fought battle, Mr. Hankus won my case. He ensured I understood every step of the process and thoroughly explained all options as they arose. Even after the decision finally went in our favor, he has continued to keep me informed of the procedure following a decision. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is entitled to disability and feels as though the system is against them. His thorough knowledge of the laws and hearings process is second to none.

He did a great job helping me get my disability, my thanks for all his help.

John and I want to invite all our friends and family to use this lawyer and his team if ever you are applying or thinking of applying for social security. They are a dynamic team of workers.

They treat you with the dignity we all deserve. Each time I have called or had a question they were always willing to help. Please do not hesitate to use them.

Highly recommended, he not only won my case but also got my full benefits going all the way back to when i broke my back. Great job and very professional man and I barely had to lift a finger. Mr. Hankus and his team handled everything. Thanks again Mr. Hankus.

After being denied my Social Security Disability, I was referred to David Hankus by my sister-in-law. I was very happy with the support and knowledge from Attorney Hankus and his staff, Rachel and Kay. They did all the work filing documents and collecting medical records, etc.  I would strongly recommend the Law Offices of David Hankus!  Thank you!!

I am so glad I contacted the Office of David Hankus. They did a fantastic job of representing me in my case for disability. The whole staff is very caring and understanding when you work with them. They are always willing to answer any questions you have and they work hard to win your case. Thank you for helping me win my case!

I am very pleased for the work they did for me. Really professional the way they handled everything and how thoughtful they were. Would recommend Mr. Hankus to anybody that needs a disability lawyer. Keep up the great work.

What a wonderful experience working with Rachel, David and Kay. While we’re up in Northern Michigan, The Office of David S. Hankus was the right choice. Sadly, the local attorneys who advertise SS Disability Claim help, made us feel as though we were bothering them. Another N. MI friend recommended Hankus and it was smooth sailing from that point on.

I was awarded my social security disability without any major problems with the help of Rachel Pinch part of the staff at David S. Hankus law office.

Hankus law office is just great! After a long process, which they guided me through expertly, Hankus won my case! Very professional and Rachel was also very compassionate while she eased me through each step. If you have a disability claim, Hankus is your best option!

The office took care of my disability case for me when I couldn’t do it on my own. Everyone was fantastic to work with, explained everything thoroughly and made he wait seem less difficult. He came highly recommended by a friend when I told her I couldn’t do this on my own. He prepared me so much that on the day of my appeals hearing it went super smooth. I have Attorney Hankus to thank for being able to financially contribute to the family again even though I am sick. Call this guy!

I called this law office and from start to finish they was very professional when I got denied they immediately jumped in and appealed it when in front of the Magistrate and they granted me my social security disability and again I thank them

If you’re looking for a good lawyer to help you with social security benefits David S. Hankus did a great job for me his office did all the leg work and were there for me really did a good job.

I am happy to write a review for the legal office of David S. Hankus. He has helped to guide me thru the legal complexities of applying for Social Security Disability and he and his office have been nothing but professional and understanding despite all of my many questions and concerns. I highly recommend anyone filing for Disability to contact them.